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Hunsa Heat & Eat Bangers

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/03/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Hunsa Heat & Eat Bangers take premium Australian pork and beef mince sausages and blend them with spices from around the globe. Not only that, but they are quick and easy to make, perfect for busy folks who don’t want to compromise good taste. Dessein developed the packaging for the pre-cooked sausages from Hunsa Smallgoods, introducing these 4 new flavors (Thai Chicken, Mexican Salsa, Polish Kransky, and Spanish Chorizo) to foodies with adventurous palates.

“Food styling is integral to the design and is supported with vivid colours, patterns and typography reflecting the culinary aspects of its country of origin. Glossy spot UV varnishes highlight these features and present the sausages as cooked, tasty and ready to eat.”

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“Placed within the deli section in the supermarket, the contrasting colours of the herbs and spices exploding on their black packaging, has made them highly visible against their competitors mostly plastic-packed smallgoods. The initial launch attracted huge sales and demands for on-going repeat orders exceeded initial production.”

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The outer sleeve literally expresses that the bangers are an explosion of flavor. Delicious-looking vegetables and exotic spices are at the center, with a smoking banger on a fork resting on top. The image is vibrant with rich, saturated colors that pop against a plain black background. A few select graphics help busy consumers looking for an easy yet delicious option for dinner figure out if Hunsa Heat & Eat is for them. On the sides of the packaging are borders inspired by the location from where the flavors are sourced, a subtle detail that brings everything together.

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“Traditionally, sausages are packed within clear packs displaying all of the sausage to the customer. While the new Heat & Eat bangers are big on flavour, their appearance does not impart the complexity and depth of flavours they deliver. The addition of a sleeve sliding snuggly over the pre-packed plastic tray which holds the sausages, allows customers the opportunity to view the sausages from the side. The sleeve itself features a design centred around the colourful mix of herbs and spices surrounding the hero sausage – an explosion of impressionistic flavours designed to tantalise the taste buds.”

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Designed by Dessein

Client: Hunsa Smallgoods

Country: Australia