Oco2 Home Monitoring System

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Feeling safe in your own home is a privilege everybody should have. With Oco2, feeling safe and secure is second nature with a click of a button. Designed by Accuraten, packaging for this sleek and sexy gadget is clean and simple. Much like current tech gadgets out on the market today, the brand wanted to appeal to an audience who believes that design is just as important as function. Beautiful packaging inside and out, the seamless box opens to reveal the Oco2 inside, compartmentalized with additional info about the product with charging cords beneath. 

Editorial photograph

"Oco is California based startup that designs and engineers simple indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras for home and business security. Oco2 is their newest home monitoring camera that has been crowdfunded this summer. It is now available in all major US retailers, as well as online in Europe and other countries."

 “Since the first version Oco team moved to US to be closer to target audience. They have successfully raised crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo. Our designers developed 3 versions of packaging for different use cases and markets. We found compact and beautiful way to lay all components and accessories in the box, choose materials and designed 3D model of packaging. We developed manual design and branded stickers for Oco2.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Art director: Slava Mishakov

Manager: Vlad Rafeev

3D visuals: Ilnur Nazyrov

Manual layout: Igor Shtang, Alexey Yakovlev

Photography/Retouching: Alexey Fursov


Designed by Accuraten

Country: Russia

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