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V-Spoon Utensil

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/14/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Emil Dairy needed convenient spoons to serve with their dairy products that would not take up a lot of space or require much material. The Clever House developed V-Spoon, a convenient solution that many other to-go foods will be tempted to try: a thin, small bioplastic spoon that lays flat and then folds together to create a handy utensil.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“V-spoon is a disposable, bio-friendly, all ages smart, design attractive product. Functional and non ordinary plastic cutlery, a perfect POP or POS item, can be integrated in any package and customized in size. V-spoon is absolutely flat when unfolded—and it’s the wide space for branding, advertising opportunity and printing on it. Both functional and branding tool.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Since V-Spoon comes flat, it makes it incredibly easy to incorporate into individually packaged foods that are designed for people to enjoy away from home—and away from the utensil drawer. It’s still thin (about 3 millimeters thick) but it has a large amount of surface area that brings with it lots of advertising opportunities. By providing the utensil for consumers, it solves problems for them and also allows certain food items to be sold individually and enjoyed without any planning or lunch-packing necessary.

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Designed by: The Clever House

Client: Emil Dairy

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg

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