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Cultivare Wine Labels

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/13/2016 | 5 Minute Read

Alcohol tends to encourage people to get on the dancefloor, but Cultivare combines dance and wine in a totally new way. This collaboration between Centset, Ladyssenyadora and Vallformosa / Doménech is a wine label that is made of live music, dance, and painting performance. We love how different aspects of art and culture combine in each one-of-a-kind label.

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“The audiovisual piece Cultivare, produced by the production company Centset, has just won the Best Promotional Work in the section MOST Wine and Cava International Film Festival. This multidisciplinary project starts from a creative collaboration with three, between Centset, the design studio Ladyssenyadora, and Vallformosa / Doménech.”

“Vidal elaborated the image of two new wines from the winery. Cultivare can be contemplated as a total work of art. In fact, the word cultivare is the Latin origin of culture, and in the creation of this piece are mixed very different disciplines such as dance, music, plastic, audiovisual, performance, or the same process of winemaking.”

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“For the creation of wine labels, and the later audiovisual piece, Centset and Ladyssenyadora have counted on the dancers Olga Álvarez and Joan Palau, who created a choreography based on the cycle of the vine, and the musician Miguel Marín, who created the original music of the project. With the winery as theater, and 5,000 wine labels as the stage, the two dancers dance under a shower of paint and they dye all the labels with their movements. The conceptualization of the idea, the space and later realization has been a creative creative work that Centset and Ladyssenyadora has counted at all times with the support of the winery of Vilobí.”

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The wines come splashed with color on them (either red or yellow), and if you look closely you can understand what some of the smears were from—fingertips, feet, or forearms. Although it might look like a typical wine bottle at first glance, the prints tell a deep, engaging story that pulls the consumer in. Not only does the wine highlight the importance of the arts in society, but because each label is unique, it adds to the exclusive feel of the wine. The wines are paired together in a crisp, clean white box, juxtaposed with the labels that are anything but simple and straightforward.

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The authors of Cultivare added, “The support deposited by the winery to the creative team has been the key to the development of the project and highlight the fact that everyone has worked their language to achieve the result.”

“A unique label. To not only stay in the physical bottle, give continuity to the project and complement the strategy of marketing of the winery, Ladyssenyadora and Centset have created two audiovisual pieces: the MOST (which is designed for the internet and networks) and a much more comprehensive making of explaining the transversality of the draft.”

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Designed by: Centset, Ladyssenyadora, Vallformosa / Doménech

Country: Spain