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Bourbon Lovers Need this Pocket Whiskey Tasting Journal

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/05/2017 | 2 Minute Read

You know the old saying “good things take time.” That’s especially true when it comes to a smoky, smooth bourbon whiskey—it’s a spirit that you just can’t rush. 33 Books Co. designed the perfect companion for a glass of bourbon with 33 Whiskeys: Double-Barrel Edition, a pocket whiskey tasting journal.

“Charred oak and time: that's what it takes to transform pure alcohol into the liquid gold we call bourbon. Once the distiller has done his part, the barrel-master takes over, guarding the precious liquid as it matures inside a charred oak barrel. The longer the alcohol stays in the barrel, the darker it gets.”

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“Inspired by that transformation, I put 999 copies of a special, limited edition of my pocket whiskey journals in an ex-beer barrel, previously used to age Kentucky bourbon. There the books rested for four months, occasionally refreshed with a mist of a whiskey made by beer brewers.”

“The books are designed as an homage to the collaboration between cooper (barrel-maker) and distiller. The exterior is printed with a distinctive wood grain label, and finished with a whiskey-colored copper foil that catches the light just like a perfect glass of the brown stuff. The result is an eye-catching journal that's sure to get better with age.”

“After four months' slumber in the double-use barrel, the books absorbed a faint whiff of that heavenly smell. To preserve it, I put three of the books in an American-made steel canister, and sealed it with metallic copper wax. There are only 333 sets available, individually hand-numbered.”

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Designed by: 33 Books Co. (Dave Selden)

Printing, books: Scout Books, Wilcox Foil

Printing, labels: B&B Print Source

Photography: Steve Temple Photography

Country: United States

City: Portland, OR

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