120WaterAudit Water Testing Kit

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/03/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Having clean drinking water has become more of an issue this past year than ever before with states in the US like Michigan unable to maintain health conditions due to contaminated water. Knowing such a devastating matter was effecting thousands of lives, 120WaterAudit wanted to help. In collaboration with Co-motion Studio, they created and packaged a water testing kit for businesses and consumers. The kit provides a convenient way to frequently test your water for unhealthy contaminants. 

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This incredible kit is packaged with a strong brand identity that speaks words about the issue in a beautiful way, emphasizing the quality for their product. A plastic bottle sits nestled in a cardboard box ready to be labeled and shipped. Infographics add a playful vibe to the packaging with step-by-step instructions that are so easy, even a kid can do it.

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The kit needed to weigh less than a pound and fit in a residential mailbox. Every kit includes: 

• a bottle to collect your water sample 

• a chain of custody sticker for lab processing 

• a box seal for return mailing 

• two swag stickers to share with family and friends 

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"On the inside flap of the box, a customer will find instructions on how to collect their water sample. Iconography was used to depict the customer action for each step. A custom die was created to safely secure the water sample during shipment. The design of an inside panel was used to indicate the fill line for each water sample."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designers: Stacey McClure & Jon McClure 

Printer: Welch Packaging

Designed by Co-motion Studio

Client: 120WaterAudit 

Country: United States

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