Featured image for Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin: Your G&T’s New Best Friend

Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin: Your G&T’s New Best Friend

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/02/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Your G&T’s just got way better. Fresh Bread Design developed the packaging design for Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin, a new spirit from Temple Distilling. The label is perfect parts elegant and mysterious with ornate details that truly add character to the gin.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin needed to maintain a family resemblance to the award winning Chapter One gins Temple Distilling has been creating the past year, while showcasing the warmth several months in a bourbon barrel will bring. We know this is a top shelf product that will be a staple for craft cocktails so we crafted hand lettered typography and elegant custom scrollwork inspired by vintage woodcuts.”

Editorial photograph

“We made very subtle changes to the original Chapter One dieline to continue brand recognition while still differentiating this as a different product on the shelf. Too many embellishments can be overkill but we took the risk of using high build screen varnishes, embossing and lots of gold foil. We paid special attention to balancing these embellishments to create a sense of harmony, rather than conflict, and increase the tactile experience. The result is a label that doesn’t just look great, it feels great as well.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Fresh Bread Design

Client: Temple Distilling

Printer: Labels West Inc.

Photographer: Josh VonJentzen

Country: United States

City: Seattle, WA