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Get Ready for a Night Out with Glam by Manicare Packaging

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/02/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Too often, fake eyelashes or nails are packaged in a way that feels like it’s geared towards teenagers. Glam by Manicare is a sophisticated line of beauty products that will make you feel beautiful, elegant, and—well, glam. Sonja Wilson worked on the refresh for this packaging, making it sleek and modern with a hint of femininity.

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“Glam By Manicare is a sub brand of Australian Beauty Tools & Accessories brand, Manicare. Their aim is to introduce a newer, younger audience to the master brand with transformative beauty products such as false lashes & nails.”

“Lashes are a key growth driver for the brand with over 20 skus, however shopper insight suggested a significant barrier to trial/purchase; consumers were unclear on how to select. Also suggested was a lack of personality; that previous packaging was dated, OTT & didn't encompass the brand essence of cheeky, fun and youthful.”

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“We conducted a packaging revamp to introduce clear on-pack segmentation including naming, a diamond system/scale & colour-coding to communicate lash intensity. Being Australia's #1 Lash Brand, we chose to retain high-equity, recognisable elements including the logo, black & gold base colours and die-cut circle showing a single lash. To inject personality, our approach was to re-shape the die-cut into a cheeky, fun shape; (A cheeky 'wink' which was the design fundamental carried across to Nail packaging with a die-cut nail shape).”

“Since re-launching Glam by Manicare packaging in 2015, the master brand has enjoyed significant growth.”

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Designed by: Sonja Wilson

Art Direction & Design Lead: Sonja Wilson

Contributor: How.

Client: McPherson's Consumer Products

Country: Australia

City: Sydney