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Parents and Kids will Love Chemical-Free Real Good Gum

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/28/2016 | 3 Minute Read

You might want to think twice before chewing your next stick of gum. Most gums on the market today contain a nasty chemical that you’ll also find in not-so-delicious products like tires and plastic. Luckily, Real Good Gum has amazing flavors and is free of the gunk. The Butler Bros developed the branding, digital, and packaging design for the gum, making it something that both kids and parents can agree on.

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“Kids love gum. They don’t read labels. We positioned this wild-harvested, petrochemical-free gum to grab attention from kids and respect from parents.”

“The gum industry has a very dirty secret—the vast majority of gum actually contains petrochemicals. Read any gum label today and you’ll see an ingredient called ‘gum base,’ which often contains the same chemicals used to make plastic bottles and car tires. We needed to appeal directly to kids, who generally don’t care about ingredients, and to concerned parents looking for cleaner options.”

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“In addition to creating custom illustrations for each flavor, we established a unique flavor-naming convention. Since Real Good is starting a whole new conversation about gum, each flavor name is a play on a familiar greeting.”

The neon colors and psychedelic illustrations instantly make Real Good Gum stand out. It creates an outrageous, playful imaginary world that speaks to the refreshing flavors of the gum. The copywriting adds wit and humor, with names like “Hello Bubbleful” and “Nice to Mint You.”  For parents who need to make a split second decision, it’s easy to see that the product is “gunk-free” and made from organic ingredients.

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“Selling away from the status quo means educating consumers about all the hidden ingredients found in gum today. We created a website that’s heavy on information, but still light, open and whimsical. It’s useful for buyers, parents, or a kid who stumbles across it. We also used the artwork from the website and packaging to create engaging and consumable bites of content for all of Real Good’s social feeds.”

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Designed by: The Butler Bros

Country: United States

City: Austin, TX