A hot cup of BAZAR coffee will definitely get your day going

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/29/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Amsterdam based agency Sunshine and Sausages designed the packaging for BAZAR Coffee. BAZAR is the first Dutch hospitality brand to credibly claim its role as the ultimate conversation starter. 

Editorial photograph

"BAZAR Coffee needed an entirely new brand identity in order to revitalize its role in mainstream outlets all across the Netherlands. Competition was looming, while bar and restaurant owners seemed increasingly shifting towards brands with a spirited story and with credible relevance in connection to their consumers." 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"Yet as a product that nor intrinsically nor in terms of history offered tools for strong storytelling, BAZAR needed to shift its focus from itself to its consumer. The all new BAZAR Coffee identity is the first coffee brand to firmly claim its role as your ultimate conversation starter." 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"All design choices made, revolve around the creative concept that shaped the brand’s new and lighthearted identity. The overall impression and composition is peaceful, minimalistic and balanced. Chosen colors are earthly, modern and subtle. Fonts and materials are, again, about facilitating rather than asking for attention themselves. This scheme of design choices has been executed throughout all the brand’s identity carriers. From the logo (a coffee cup and a speech cloud in one), to packaging (staging product explanation, titles and numbers as actual design elements). From crockery (only reveiling the brand’s logo inside the cup) to website design (with photography staging consumers, pictured in right in the act of talking, as a center piece - while depicting product shots as a piece of art). From a brochure to side products’s packaging (milk, sugar, cookies, take-away cups)." 

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency: Sunshine and SausagesConcept: Lennard Freij, Paul van Vliet Design: Lennard Freij, Elmar Hamelink Photography: Michiel Meewis Client: Audrey Ceuppens (Bazar Coffee)Location: Amsterdam

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