Koia Protein Drinks got a brand new look!

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/29/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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INTERACT partnered with Raw Nature 5, now Koia, to lead the repositioning, renaming and redesign of their plant powered protein drinks. The objective was to differentiate Koia in the emerging plant-based beverage category while celebrating it’s honest to goodness ingredients and brand story.

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Koia whole heartedly believes in empowering people through plants, with this mission serving as the impetus for every brand touchpoint. The new brand name, Koia, serves as an empty vessel to be filled with meaning while eliciting a natural/exotic power and mystique. The brand identity is a direct translation of the positioning, forging the power of human individuality with the optimism and potential of a seedling, into an organic fingerprint leaf mark.

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Koia’s commitment to using simple and uncompromised ingredients inspired the decision to show off as much of the product as possible. The brands previous packaging, while clinical and impersonal, conveyed a sense of efficacy that was then translated into the compartmentalization of flavor, ingredients and health benefits on the redesigned front panel. The new and cheerful color palette and hand drawn illustrations provide a nice accent of personality and humanistic elements to the rest of the packaging.

After completing our redesign, Koia was excitedly granted national distribution within Whole Foods Markets, and will begin to sprout on stores shelves September 1.

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Agency: Interact BoulderClient: KoiaLocation: Boulder, Colorado

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