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K&Y Tea

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/08/2016 | 2 Minute Read

This is not your grandmother’s tea. K&Y Tea, designed by the Parisian agency, Partisan Du Sens is changing-up what we think of when we think of tea. The bold color palette and flat graphic style helps break tea’s reputation for being a stuffy drink and instead makes tea seem super hip and exciting. 

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"Based on a sensible approach, the recipes are breaking the tea codes, creating a staggered brand where each flavor has its own personality and its graphic universe designed inside and outside the box. The packaging designed by the agency highlights the ingredients, the logo, and establishes the taste of an electrifying brand."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

There are five different flavors which include Boost Guarana, Miami Kiss, Coconing, Caramel Circus, and Lady Scarlet. Each flavor is distinctly different from the rest and comes with its own in-your-face personality. Miami Kiss for example is exotic and feminine while Caramel Circus is more straight-forward. If there’s one thing all of them have it common however, it’s that they all serve to make drinking tea an exciting experience. 

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Designed By: Partisan Du SensLocation: Paris, France

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