Featured image for Just Great! has some seriously great olive products

Just Great! has some seriously great olive products

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/27/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Just Great! is a fun and energetic brand comprised of a variety of olive-based products from Greece. Sophia Georgopoulou designed these products to attract consumers who are looking for high quality in their food products.

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“From the very start, it was quite clear that the naming and brand identity for this brand should not follow the beaten path. We wanted to create a friendly, approachable, everyday yet different brand. We wanted to talk about the pleasure and rich emotions that come to life when we come in contact with really great olive products.” “At the end of the day, all these can be encapsulated into a spontaneous exclamation that comes effortlessly to one’s lips – Just Great!”

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This product must have some gusto to claim it’s “Just Great!” directly on its packaging! The playful typography allows for this message to be relayed in a friendly and organic way, while the simple illustrations reference where the actual product comes from. The simplicity of it actually makes this line of products stand out against the competition and excites the consumer. 

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“Simple and to the point, the name also leads the design direction towards no-frills, stripped-down simplicity. A brand that does not talk down to consumers, Just Great! is about the core of the Olive experience - and nothing more.” “The general color palette is inspired by the actual olives, the olive fields, and the Greek country-side landscape in general. The fonts were ‘treated’ in a way to enhance the feeling of handmade goodness, since ‘Just Great!’ comes from a family business with a long tradition in olive production.”

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Concept, Brand Name & Design: Sophia Georgopoulou

Conceptual story, tagline & copy: Konstantinos Kontinos

Photography: George Pavlakos

Location: Athens, Greece