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The Holiday Spirit Rests in Loimu Scandinavian Vintage Glögi

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/22/2016 | 3 Minute Read

In Scandinavian countries, it’s not really the holidays until someone pulls out a bottle of glögi, or spiced wine. We’re especially loving this festive bottle of Loimu Scandinavian Vintage Glögi 2016 that was designed by Lönneberga Design Ateljé. A stark red bottle and cozy illustrations are a guaranteed way to get into the holiday spirit.

“This year's edition of the Scandinavian vintage glögi 'Loimu' from Lignell & Piispanen is here, with a tasty hint of black currant, the jewel of the arctic nature. Packaging of this artisan product is designed by Jaani Vaahtera / Lönneberga design ateljé.”

“The Loimu design is renewed every year. The Loimu bottle is a unique, Scandinavian design whose pure lines exude northern craftsmanship. The yearly changes in colour and decoration take you back to the warm emotions of Christmas and to the home of the northern berries used as ingredients.”

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We love the traditional bottle that looks ceramic, and its dark red hue feels festive and also is indicative of the spices and rich flavors of the glögi. Illustrations on the bottle are simply adorable, and they are certainly a refreshing step away from the typical holiday illustrations. It gives Loimu Scandinavian Vintage Glögi 2016 a distinctly Scandinavian look. A wooden bottle cap adds a rustic touch, and a raised logo on the front is subtle and sophisticated.

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“Scandinavian Christmas glögi is based on on the millenia old tradition of enjoying hot, spiced wine to warm the body and the soul. Glögi is a more refined and sophisticated version of Glühwein, which itself spread from ancient Greece to Central Europe. Glögi is superior treat for moments of celebration in the winter.”

“According to tradition, Gustav Vasa, King of Sweden and Finland, invented glögi in the sixteenth century. He came up with a recipe that contained warming flavours in the middle of the winter: Hot red wine, honey, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves. Today, glögi made on the basis of this recipe is an inseparable part of Scandinavian Christmas traditions.”

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Designed by: Lönneberga Design Ateljé

Designer: Jaani Vaahtera, Lönneberga Design Ateljé

Coating & printing: STOLZLE

Producer: Lignell & Piispanen, Kuopio, Finland

Country: Finland

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