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Get Glam with Paponk POET Soothing Lip Color Packaging

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/26/2016 | 2 Minute Read

A good lipstick can really pull a look together. But beyond the beautiful colors they offer, the packaging for Paponk POET Soothing Lip Color makes primping even more special. Designed by goninetyone, these classy lipsticks have elegant details that make them a luxurious addition to any makeup bag.

“Lady's magnificence and allurement are the keys of designing this package. We represent this product, ‘PAPONK POET SOOTHING LIP COLOR,’ as a mystery and classy noblewoman to attract the customers.”

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“The product's strong point is the logo, ‘POET.’ By its product's name, we create a high-class emblem with P,O,E and T alphabet as the main element in Rococo Art style. Not only the luxurious but we also simplify the shape, in order to print in small space such as lipstick's package.”

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“With the limited technique, only two colors are allowed in printing. For the perfect combination, we carefully choose the colors, for the background and pattern. They are dark blue and dark turquoise respectively. Finishing with the top layer, logo and small elements with gold hot stamping technique, could create a stunning and luxurious design outcome.”

The navy blue and forest green pattern feels oh-so charm school, and against it the gold details pop to make it undeniably luxe. A thin line border on the box is a small element that has a big effect, pulling the polished look together. Tubes of lipstick feature the POET crest/logo, giving it a feeling of exclusivity and history.

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Designed by: goninetyone

Country: Thailand

City: Bangkok