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Featured image for OLEO: The First Greek Olive Oil Food Supplement

OLEO: The First Greek Olive Oil Food Supplement

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/21/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Olive oil isn’t just for dipping bread in anymore. Meet OLEO, the first olive oil that’s being marketed as a food supplement in the European market. This rich oil is high in phenols, an organic compound that possesses powerful antioxidant qualities which help protect the body from oxidative stress. 2YOLK designed the packaging, straying away from the traditional olive oil bottles to something that would highlight the health benefits of the product.

“OLEO was originally launched in the Scandinavian markets, a fact that played an important role in its design. The ‘minimal’ visual language of Scandinavian design identifies completely with the pure, nature-inspired character of OLEO, which contains only exceptional olive oil from the olive groves of Ancient Olympia at the Peloponnese peninsula.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“As an innovative food supplement, OLEO had to avoid the emotional clichés of olive oil food packaging and instead highlight its unique health claims. Its purity is highlighted through the earthy, warm hues of the untreated cardboard box and the embossed typography, while the custom cut-out element on the box signifies the flow of the olive oil and the seamless function of the human blood vessels.”

Editorial photograph

OLEO is packaged more like something you would find in the vitamins section of a store than in the cooking section, emphasizing the unique aspects of the product. The box opens at the custom cut-out, instantly making it stand out from the crowd. Bottle size is manageable, reminding us that all things are good in moderation. A basic serif font allows the message of the text to really stick with the consumer, giving the sense that this is like other olive oils they’ve used, but even better.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: 2YOLK

Founding Managing Partner: Emmanouela Bitsaxaki

Founding Creative Partner: George Karayiannis

Graphic Designer: John Seitanidis

Studio Manager: Alexandra Papaloudi

Account Manager: Stefania Papakosta

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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