A Whiskey to Toast to Your Hopes & Dreams

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/22/2016 | 2 Minute Read

True success is never achieved without a lot of failure along the way. The founders of Hopes & Dreams know this all too well. Designed by Chad Michael Studio, this spirit pokes fun at other craft spirits and instead embraces its imperfection.

“Hopes & Dreams is a company built on trial and failure. The founders initially built their own distillery but due to lack of experience and sheer fate they ended up accidentally burning it down. The founders eventually gave up and hired someone else to create the Bourbon for them and they own that fact. H&D is not a product that promises a handcrafted, small-batch spirit. They simply promise that it’s ‘old enough’ and that you might enjoy it.”

Editorial photograph

With all of the handcrafted whiskies out there, it’s refreshing to see something with a different attitude. Not only does it help Hopes & Dreams stand out on the shelf, but it adds in just the right amount of snark and humor. Copywriting contributes to this, stating that it’s “Unoriginally distilled in 2016” and bottled from “randomly selected casks.” The label looks like any traditional or handcrafted whiskey, but as a consumer more carefully examines it they discover just how unique it is. In a way, Hopes & Dreams seems to mock the trend of handcrafted spirits, making it a fun and interesting find for any whiskey drinker who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Chad Michael Studio

Printing: Clove St. Press

Design and Copywriting: Chad Michael Studio

Country: United States

City: Dallas, TX

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