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Neptune Fish Food

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/09/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Fish food isn’t just about feeding your pet—it’s also about feeding them something that will keep their tank clean and give them balanced nutrition. Bob Martin is the UK’s leading pet care brand, and they asked Midday to reinvigorate their line of fish food to make it a category leader.

“We began by observing tropical fish in their environment, leading us to conclude that no fish food brands on the market accurately reflect the nature and dynamism of the fish through their packaging. Our design transports the consumer underwater to celebrate the colour and beauty of tropical fish. Using photography of characterful fish we reflect their sprightliness and the relationships between different fish groups to create a visual aquarium on shelf.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Images of actual fish floating on the packaging make it eye-catching and also appeal to the emotions of the consumer. They want their fish to look bright-eyed and healthy, and the fish featured on Neptune Fish Food embody that. A small trident appears in the middle of the brand name, adding in a bit of clever personality. The light blue is fresh, while small white bubbles appear in a few spots to bring even more life to the packaging. A sans serif font gives it a modern vibe, ideal for people who want to give their pet something nutritional and health-focused.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Midday

Creative Directors: Will Gladden & Claudio Vecchio

Country: United Kingdom

City: London