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Lindfield Coffee Works Roastery and Coffee Bar

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/17/2016 | 2 Minute Read

 “Crafted coffee with character.”  Lindfield Coffee Works turned to Studio Parr for an exciting new look to give consumers a true taste of where the coffee comes from and their artisan process. The roastery and coffee bar is based in a vibrant Sussex village that is known for a quintessentially English pond and wild fowl, which Studio Parr used as inspiration for the packaging.

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"We wanted the branding and packaging to feel like a true representation of the village, and what better way than to hero beautiful linocut illustrations of the local characters, individually hand stamped onto each bag of roasted coffee," Will Parr, Creative Director stated.

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“Each single origin coffee has its own graphic label, creating a perfect juxtaposition of traditional and modern elements. Along with the new packaging, the branding is being rolled out across stationary and website. Followed by the unveiling of the new premises for the Roastery & Coffee Bar at the end of the month.”

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Each bag features a finely drawn illustration of birds by the waterfront, showcasing Lindfield Coffee Works’ pride in where their product comes from. The bright, colorful labels make it lively and modern and also highlight the vibrant cultures of where the beans are sourced. Looking at the packaging instantly transports you to the quaint area in Sussex, contributing to a sense of relaxation when you enjoy your morning cup of joe.

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Designed by: Studio Parr

Illustration: Studio Parr

Photography: Mark Newton

Client: Lindfield Coffee Works

Country: United Kingdom