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Delysoy Pasta

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/07/2016 | 3 Minute Read

These boxes of pasta are too fun! Using illustrations and strategic cutouts, Bunker developed the boxes for these healthy noodles to have maximum personality. Each variety has its own unique character that makes the brand humorous, personable, and full of energy.

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“Delysoy are noodles made from 100% soybeans, in a form of spaghetti and fettucine. The colours of the noodles are formed solely through the use of yellow, black or green soybeans. Soy noodles are gluten-free, lactose-free and super rich of proteins, vitamins and minerals and low carb. This way it is a perfect supplement for vegans and vegetarians and in general far healthier than traditional noodle products. Our task was to design a series of six packaging boxes for each colour and type. Cutouts on the packaging are shaped such to depict the characters of the intended target group.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The packaging cutouts allow the pasta to look like the hair and facial hair of each person on the box. This non-traditional approach feels modern and playful, appealing to younger consumers. All of the Delysoy characters have a content grin, filling the customer with positive feelings about their purchase. Instructions on the back also have illustrations to go with them, giving life to the “directions” part of the packaging that is too often basic and boring. Copywriting adds in an element of humor—for example, on the top it reads, “Hunger? Open here,” which is a blunt and honest approach to getting dinner ready.

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Designed by: Bunker

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina