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Patagonia Long Root Ale

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/07/2016 | 3 Minute Read

For years, Patagonia has been known as the go-to store for camping and adventure gear. And what goes better with the great outdoors than a cold beer? Patagonia Provisions and HopWorks Urban Brewery teamed up to create a Long Root Ale, the first of its kind—made with Kernza®, a soil-regenerating perennial grain. Hype Type Studio was responsible for designing the special brew, incorporating the oh-so-recognizable Mount Fitz Roy.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“Patagonia approached Hype Type Studio to create the brand identity, visual language and packaging design for Long Root Ale. Working closely with the design team at Patagonia, the new brand features the iconic color palette alongside the ‘Fitzroy’ mountain logo which wraps seamlessly around the individual cans and packaging.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Hype Type Studio translated the Patagonia brand onto a beer seamlessly. Anyone familiar with the brand will instantly recognize it, but the beer itself doesn’t look like an advertisement for clothing or camping gear. The font and silhouette of Mount Fitz Roy ties it into the Patagonia brand, and the rich colors of a sun setting in the sky make it jump off the shelf. The fact that it’s made with Kernza® is located right on the front, intriguing those who consider them beer connoisseurs and want to try something new.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Hype Type Studio

Sr. Global Creative Director/Patagonia: Bill Boland

Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hype Type Studio

Additional Design Support: Peter McBride

Copywriter: Kasey Kersnowski

Project Management: Lisa Polley

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles, CA

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