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Undr Underwear

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/22/2016 | 4 Minute Read

People are creatures of habit—once they’ve found something they like, they tend to want to stick with it. With this in mind, Anagrama has designed Undr, a line of daily basics that includes underwear garments and tees that men will want to put on every day.

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“Undr constitutes a brand of men's basics and underwear garments. Based in Panama, Undr focuses on offering premium products that enhance its purpose though an engineered chemical structure allowing the garment to absorb and evaporate sweat and adapt to cold and hot climates.”

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“The proposed identity highlights the quality that characterizes its products. The logo composition works in a personalized calligraphic and serif versions. The balance between both typographical styles represents Undr's distinctive versatility and timelessness. The brand employs a neutral color palette with a distinctive unique tone achieving an interesting visual equilibrium.”

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Undr situates itself as a reliable, everyday option that will give a man confidence. The simple color palette acts as a blank slate, allowing the brand to appeal to consumers who have vastly different tastes. Concrete and marble elements add a utilitarian vibe while still emphasizing the high quality of the products. The crisp, straightforward appearance and mix of fonts further highlights Undr’s ability to adapt and be suitable for any number of situations.

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Designed by: Anagrama

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City