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by Natalie Mouradian on 12/05/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Mýego, a natural skincare line for men, has come out with a re-designed line of packaging. This fresh new look helps mark their 10 year anniversary in the skincare business. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The muted green tones used on these products give them an earthy, natural feeling. The typography references a science lab in a subtle way. This could be a small touch indicating the process that cosmetic products often go through to ensure they turn out to be of the highest quality.

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"With a desire to create something different, brothers Ben and Moh founded Mýego back in 2006 with the aim to empower men to take care of their skin."

"Today Mýego labs create a range of natural skincare products for men that embody this tradition. Well thought-out products made in limited quantities to maximize freshness, for healthier and improved skin." 

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"Based in the UK their experienced team of experts blend unique formulas with natural ingredients, wild botanicals and plant extracts from across the globe. Carefully chosen on their own individual properties and used in sizeable amounts." 

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"The brand identity extends to a unique set of icons, geometrical patterns and earthy hues all taken directly from the natural botanicals that fills each product, all evocative to the natural goodness within."

Client: Mýego

Designed by: Ben David Sandhu

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