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Farmer's Horse Coffee

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/05/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Farmer's Horse Coffee is bringing a small piece of Ethiopia to the United States. Located in the Back Bay area of Boston, this Ethiopian coffee shop has one simple mission. They're here to brew amazing coffee while paying tribute to the Ethiopian farmers who harvest it.

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This coffee packaging is organized and informative at the same time. The field notes provide the consumer with no-nonsense transparency, as they can read about the process in which these coffee beans were secured in the bag. The colors and subtle patterns used within the packages also pay tribute to the Ethiopian roots of Farmer's Horse Coffee. 

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"Kassegn Sirmollo, owner and proud native of Ethiopia, wanted to illustrate this mission through the brand itself. In response, I created a rustic, handmade product to symbolize the hands of the hardworking farmers that source the coffee beans. The subtle, weave pattern found throughout the product is inspired by traditional African textiles and designed to reflect the quality and care the farmers devote to harvesting each coffee bean."

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Designed by: Christopher Caldwell

Client: Farmer's Horse Coffee

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA