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Verum Health Yoghurt Smoothes Redesign

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/15/2016 | 2 Minute Read

“Verum Health yoghurt smoothies in folklore costume.” 

Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm, this yoghurt will make you rethink how one can tell a story through packaging. With elaborate, highly detailed illustrations that wrap around entire bottles, playful designs were created to revitalize the brand. By creating something that is genuine and handcrafted, Satchi & Satchi was able to remain true to the Verum brand, in turn, bringing it forward in the modern market. 

“The competition in the dairy shelf has increased and Verum has a great need to stand out against giants and foreign brands who has invaded the dairy shelves”, says Jonas Frank, art director at Saatchi. 

It is therefore, important that the packages communicate good taste, feel updated and reflect Verums unique northern origin. Verum has roots in Västerbotten, in the northern parts of Sweden, and originates from the traditional sour milk that was made at the farms during the 18th century.

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Illustrator, Maja Sten was tasked to design original pieces that would exist on the yoghurt line. Jonas felt the illustrator Maja Sten had the exact right qualities for the job. 

“Maja has an original manner that is very difficult to copy. It's a bit naive but at the same time incredibly strong and warm. Just like the Verum brand, explains Jonas. It will be very interesting to see how consumers will react to this odd bird on the dairy shelves where all the packaging design looks alike. 

We gave Maja free hands to interpret the various new flavours. The brief was to be inspired by the flora and fauna of the north combined with a large dose of playfulness. And the results are these awesome illustrations that was first launched as posters during the spring. The public loved them and many of the posters where even stolen from their advertising placements as souvenirs. Norrmejerier has even received e-mails from tourists who visited Stockholm in the spring and still remembered the strong visual images long after they left.”

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Art Director/Designer: Jonas Frank

Copywriter: Amalia Pitsiava

Planner: Elin Johansson

Production leader: Marie Nodbrink

Illustrator: Maja Sten

Final Art: Oscar Olson

Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm

Country: Sweden

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