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Veganade Fruit Juice

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/15/2016 | 2 Minute Read

These natural fruit juices are perfect for any time of day. Designed by Alexandra Rusu, these freshly blended beverages are sure to make your mouth water with their energetic colors.

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“Veganade brings a burst of brightness with three blends of fruits and vegetables rich in minerals and antioxidants. The intensely aromatic smoothies focus on freshness and the packaging reflects it. The brand message was brought to life through the use of vibrant colours, dynamic typography and clean icons. The white logotype offers a good contrast with the zippy backgrounds, while the colours nicely differentiate the flavours.”

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The beautiful hues of the label complement the naturally radiant juice colors, creating a bold, bright beverage. Icons on the front indicate the fresh ingredients that go into each bottle, and the label can also be changed to celebrate holidays (like their Halloween bottle). The delicate font for the brand name indicates the care and consideration that goes into picking the ingredients and creating each juice.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Alexandra Rusu

Country: Romania

City: Bucharest

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