New Daisy Sour Cream Squeezables

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/29/2016 | 1 Minute Read

The Daisy Brand has taken the dairy aisle by storm with their new squeezable sour cream pouches. In collaboration with AptarGroup, this stand-out package is great for families with kids who are prone to mess. The resealable flip-top incorporates a silicone dispensing valve to prevent spillage. A flexible film makes up the body of the package with the classic Daisy logo as the star. Although nothing has changed with the company’s brand identity, Daisy is making new and innovative steps to not only stay relevant in today’s marketplace but change the way people experience a 90 year old tradition no spoon required.  

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Daisy Brand

In collaboration with: AptarGroup

Country: United States

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