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Chocolate Full of Flavour

by Elena Massucco on 11/28/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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What an adorable chocolate bar! Full of Flavour is a brand of chocolate designed for younger audiences by Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz.

Milk and white chocolate, the most common flavors, are combined with fruits and even jelly beans to give an unexpected twist to a typical chocolate bar. 

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According to the designer Monika,  “Packaging must expose tasty additions and trigger the tastebuds of children connoisseurs. The use of white paper contrasts well with the chocolate, fruits and jelly beans - the colorful sides and the graphic elements. The illustrations, drawn up with black lines, determine the shapes of the cutout windows and along with descriptions they deliver the 'tasty' reception of the product.” 

“Each chocolate has a name that matches the illustrations. 'From the Heart' has a window in the shape of a heart while 'Space' has a  window with an image of Saturn. With a variety of illustrations, children are able to choose the chocolate package that suits them best.” 

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

On the back of the pack, fun illustrations support the technical information needed for an overall great example of child-friendly design.

Designed by: Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz

Client: Comedus 

Graphic Designer: Pedro Lima Ferreira

Location: Kraków, Poland