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by Jessica Deseo on 11/15/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Pearlfisher has partnered with Driscoll's to revamp this iconic brand. The design is subtle, fresh and authentic to the heritage of the brand. 

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Pearlfisher partners with iconic berry brand, Driscoll’s, to develop new global brandidentity.The world of produce presents a unique branding challenge: filled with largely regional orunbranded entities, only a few noteworthy or known brands successfully rise above thecommodity-driven industry. One of these brands, Driscoll’s, has enjoyed continued growth bycultivating a robust, international network of independent growers, while remaining a familyowned company with more than 100 years in farming heritage.

Poised for a phase of global growth, Driscoll’s recognized that the time was right to seek a branding partner and shore up its equity, including its global brand identity—and joined forces with Pearlfisher to make it all happen.

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Driscoll’s has historically focused on the functional qualities of their produce, specifically freshand delicious berries. Going forward, the opportunity was ripe for Driscoll’s to elevate their brand by forging deeper emotional connections and building stronger bonds with their consumers. Karen Schnelwar, Pearlfisher Head of Strategy, commented,

“Driscoll’s berries are universally loved, and wherever they are—pancakes, picnics, dessert, summertime—they make everything better. Our strategic challenge was to capture and express their unique brand of berry joy. We created a suite of strategy tools—Brand Story, pillars and personality attributes—to do just that. The new brand positioning embodies the unique role Driscoll’s berries play— that when their berries are added to the mix, ordinary moments are made more special. By connecting the functional with the emotional, Driscoll's and their berries will live even more powerfully in hearts and minds of everyone they touch.”
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These potent brand ideas have been brought to life with a playful and appealing new visualidentity system. Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officercommented, “The new Driscoll’s brand mark has an idea at its core – one of presence, statureand humanity. The ‘Driscoll’s Dot’ over the ‘i’ changes color within a custom berry-inspiredpalette, which represents both the berries and the moments of joy they bring to consumer’s lives.The logo uses hand-crafted cursive typography to reflect the hand-picked care that goes intotheir berries and the brand’s unique attributes: approachable, joyful and fun-loving, without beingartificially perfect. The typography is a more natural green, inspired by the berry plantsthemselves. The identity incorporates a backdrop of historic and iconic yellow, symbolizingsunshine that makes Driscoll’s brand and packaging distinctive and recognizable.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph
The visual identity system incorporates a series of custom prints and patterns of graphic berryforms. Joyous and visually arresting, the patterns marry with the library of custom berry andlifestyle photography to create a cohesive and compelling whole. The brand strategy and visual and verbal expression are codified in an iconic brand book created by Pearlfisher. The book is both inspirational and educational, spanning history, brand story, and brand identity brought to life across a variety of touch points and channels—from website and signage, to branded collateral and their iconic packaging that lives in billions of homes worldwide.When we were first appointed by Driscoll’s, I told them we’d create a lick-able identity and I think we’ve done just that!”“Consumers are at the heart of everything we do,” says Frances Dillard, Director of Marketingand Global Brand Lead with Driscoll’s. “Our consistently great tasting berries around the world has earned us brand trust. Now, with the company’s first ever global brand launch, we are excited to have partnered with Pearlfisher to create a powerful visual identity system that will capture the hearts of our consumers for a deeper brand love.”

Editors/Credits:Founder and CCO: Jonathan Ford, PearlfisherFounder and CEO: Mike Branson, PearlfisherCreative Director: Hamish Campbell, PearlfisherHead of Strategy: Karen Schnelwar, PearlfisherDesign Director: Sissy Emmons Hobizal, PearlfisherHead of Realization: Brandi Parker, PearlfisherHead of Business Management: Teres Rodney, Pearlfisher

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