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YummYou Natural Cosmetics

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/24/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Cosmetics that smell good enough to eat—literally. Delikatesy&Frykasy has developed the packaging for YummYou, a line of all natural cosmetics that are good for your body and so gentle, they’re actually edible, too.

“Coco Farm is a company which regularly launches new coconut-based products. The products have outstanding nourishing and health-promoting properties as well as a great taste. Coco Farm products are recommended for anyone who appreciates a healthy lifestyle, healthy cooking, natural cosmetics and environment-friendly solutions.”

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“YummYou is a new brand in the natural cosmetics market. It offers a range of products based on all-natural organic and edible ingredients which fit the concept of cosmetic products that can be eaten. Our task was to design the brand’s logotype and develop a graphic design for the line’s packaging.”

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“A soft and organic logotype format was developed using traditional hand drawing; each letter got a unique, distinctive shape. Taking the product concept into account, we used the same technique to design the packaging. We created one-of-a-kind graphics based on drawings. We complemented subtle grey lines with delicate pastel shades. We artfully combined the text with lush tropical greenery motifs to create an organic yet orderly design. We used colours to distinguish between the different products in the line. The resulting product image adds credibility to the claims about the cosmetics’ natural origin, and additionally appeals to the sense of taste thanks to the unique graphic design.”

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Illustrations on the label indicate what ingredients are inside and give it life while also emphasizing that it’s an all-natural choice. The jars are silver, giving them a sleek and updated look that will appeal to those who want the best and latest in beauty. On the front, the font is uneven and imperfect, adding in some personality and giving it the vibe that it is handmade.

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Designed by: Delikatesy&Frykasy

Country: Poland

City: Warsaw