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Discover Siberia Memory Game

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/24/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Test your memory with Discover Siberia, the perfect board game souvenir. Designed by Proektmarketing +1, this memory game celebrates the natural beauty found in the region in Russia, Siberia.

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“Siberia is in the middle of nowhere; a green spot on the geographical map. A place of natural contrasts and unheard of variations where ringing winter frosts and exhausting summer heat are not considered being radical. Siberia is widely known to be situated in Russia, whereas people are asked about its location the answers probably could be very conflicting, especially concerning people who have never been to Siberia.”

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“Siberia is not just a region; it's the way of life. Siberian people are strong, firm and enduring. We were born, we live and work here. We adore it and are willing to show you our home. This game will help you to know and understand that Siberia is not as savage as it might seem to be. We love Siberia and really want you to discover it with us!”

“Inside of this game there are 72 cards and a guide on main Siberian cities, touristic places and associations connected with the word Siberia.”

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Although most harsh, bitter winters are often the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Siberia, Discover Siberia highlights all of the wonders of the area. Using a wide variety of colors in all of the illustrations defies expectations and emphasizes all of the wonders of Siberia. Illustrations are bold and iconic, making them ideal for a memory game. The sans serif font is striking and modern, intriguing consumers who want a souvenir from their trip that is incredibly unique.

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Designed by: Proektmarketing +1

Producer: Alexander Osadchy

Art Director: Maksim Kuldoshin

Copy Writer: Diana Shatalova

Illustrator: Pavel Smolyakov

Photographer: Vladimir Barabash

Country: Russia