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SCRUB Body Scrub by Coffee Organics

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/09/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Take your coffee obsession to the next level. SCRUB by Coffee Organics (C.O.) is a 100% organic body scrub made in Australia and scented like your morning cup of joe. SCRUB has the power to reduce cellulite, unclog pores, and it promotes circulation and skin renewal. OCHO Creative developed the packaging for SCRUB, hoping to reach a wider audience than other body scrubs on the market.

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“While competitors heavily target the young female market, SCRUB is designed for a wider demographic who place a greater importance on health and organic skincare. The design was kept minimal, clean, bold and simplistic so as to not divert or distract from SCRUB's core values of quality ingredients and health benefits. The interchanging colour combinations allows further fragrances and mixes to be easily added to what would remain a visually cohesive range.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

SCRUB comes in convenient resealable bags, making it easy to keep the product fresh. It also resembles some of the packaging that coffee beans come in, a nod to its scent. Pastel colors are light and give it a pure, clean look without appearing too feminine or masculine. Silver packaging feels almost futuristic, like the future of body care lies inside SCRUB and offers solutions to irritating issues like cellulite. A sans serif font is modern, allowing the brand to appeal to those who want new body care that does more than just cleanse the skin.

Editorial photograph

Designed by:

Creative Director: Paul Heidenreich

Photographer: Paul Heidenreich, Fiona Barden

Country: Australia