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Fruits of Your Labor Wine

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/08/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Celebrate success with a bottle of wine that’s been rooting for you the whole year. OCHO Creative sends the Fruits of Your Labor wine directly to past, current, and potential clients, encouraging them to set a lofty goal and break out the wine glasses once they’ve achieved it.

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“Through our design and branding services, Ocho strives to help businesses overcome obstacles and reach their goals. What better way to celebrate a successful year than to combine wine drinking with goal setting and encourage our client to stay inspired and ultimately progress.”

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“Our design invites the client to scribble down an important goal directly on the label and place the unopened bottle in a visible location. It then becomes a goal reaching tool; a constant and teasing reminder to push ahead to enjoy the symbolic reward of cracking open the bottle with friends and family and tasting the fruits of their labour.”

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Making this gift interactive instantly makes it fun, giving the consumers an experience that goes well beyond just opening a well-made bottle of wine. When it does finally get opened, the recipient feels almost like OCHO Creative is celebrating with them, helping to build a bond with the agency. Keeping the packaging mostly black with simple white text allows the imagination to go wild. It’s a style that isn’t too loud, but instead seems mysterious and alluring, tempting the recipient to truly go after their goals and achieve them.

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Designed by: OCHO Creative

Creative Director: Paul Heidenreich

Photography: Joseph Mildren

Country: Australia

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