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A-Town Cold Brew Coffee

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/08/2016 | 1 Minute Read

Liquid gold. Designed by OCHO Creative, A-Town Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect way to caffeinate on a hot summer day.

“Hailing from a city not yet especially known for its quality coffee, this Adelaide roasted cold-brew called for a logo and packaging that would stand out proudly on the shelf, chest puffed, unmistakably declaring its origin and quality. Enter the name A-Town and a bold, memorable logo designed to pack as much of a punch as the liquid gold inside.”

“Predominantly a Summer beverage, the logo has a decidedly Miami Beach feel to it, the perfect partner to Adelaide's stretching sandy beaches with their clear, aquamarine waters. Elements were kept minimal, modern and refreshing to complement the product's taste and the large, geometric 'A' subliminally reinforces its intended A grade market position.”

You can get A-Town Cold Brew Coffee in two sizes and the bottle cap screws off easily, making it a perfect beverage for people who are on-the-go. Opaque white pops against the dark brown of the coffee, and the graphic elements definitely capture some of that Miami Beach vibe. No extraneous text or graphics appear on the bottle, giving it a more iconic, recognizable appearance.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: OCHO Creative

Creative Director: Paul Heidenreich

Photographer: Joseph Mildren

Country: Australia

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