Sleek MakeUP Holiday Collection

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/12/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Sleek MakeUP launches their new Christmas gifting collection, designed by FutureBrand London. Now one of the fastest growing colour cosmetics brands on the UK high street, Sleek MakeUP evolved as a challenger brand in the cosmetics category by offering high-quality makeup that stood out on all skin tones. Throughout their growth, Sleek MakeUP have always had a strong reputation for their limited edition collections, with their loyal consumers seeing them as must-have items. With an opportunity to add to this success, Sleek MakeUP briefed FutureBrand to create the 2016 Christmas gifting collection. With an emphasis on avoiding seasonal clichés, the collection should celebrate the core equities of the brand. To target the brands younger adult audience, the collection needed to feel modern and fun. 

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“Sleek is a young and vibrant brand that celebrates diversity and encourages young women to create their own look. We took the same approach when designing the Christmas range by adopting a bold palette of graphic pattern and colour that mixes & matches throughout the range. This married with a light-hearted ToV enables us to connect with our consumer in a creative, distinctive & playful way” said Marie-Thérèse Cassidy, Executive Creative Director. 

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FutureBrand wanted to take the consumer on a journey, ensuring every stage of the unboxing ritual is seen as an opportunity to surprise and engage the consumer. From removing the sleeve of the box, to opening to reveal the contents, there was a theme of surprise and discovery to engage and excite the consumer. Emily Maben, Marketing Director at SleekMakeUP said “Our 2016 Christmas Gifting collection is already flying off the shelves, FutureBrand have done a fantastic job in reflecting our brand personality in the design of the gifts, and our consumers are snapping them up.” The collection is available from September 2016. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Executive Creative Director: Marie-Therese Cassidy

Designer: Amy Realey

Designed by FutureBrand

Country: United Kingdom

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