Doritos ties promotion to election

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/04/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Are YOU registered to vote? This year's presidential elections have never been more important and to encourage the younger generation to vote, Frito-Lay's Dorito brand has teamed up with Rock the Vote to stress its priority. 

Joined by other consumer brands, like 7-Eleven and brewer Anheiser-Busch, Doritos launched the campaign "The boldest choice is making a choice" where six customized vending machines are placed on college campuses. The machine asks the consumer if they are registered to vote, and if the answer is "no", the machine delivers the "No Choice" bag. Each silver pouch stores triangular shaped chips made of cardboard, sending a message to those who refuse to register to vote. This carefully crafted campaign is a great way for the company to not only to promote its brand and product through a playful marketing tactic but connects with its consumers on a deeper level beyond their taste buds and engages in popular culture.

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"The narrative that we have on Doritos is really about bold action. That bold action can take many forms, whether it's in the form of entertainment or movies or music or, in this case, engagement in the democratic process. What we try to do as a brand is stay relevant in consumer conversation, and the election is a really popular topic." - Jennifer Saenz, Chief Marketing Officer

In addition, Doritos plans to hold an election-themed contest on its website where fans can vote for their favorite Dorito chips amongst two flavors–Nacho Cheese in the red packaging or Cool Ranch in the blue. 

Which side are you on?

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