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Before & After: Hornall Anderson Rebrands Progresso Soups

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/04/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Soup season is better than ever, thanks to Hornall Anderson’s rebrand of Progresso soups, foods, stocks, broths, and condiments. Noticing a shift in what consumers value most with their meals, Progresso wanted a new look that would emphasize the fresh, wholesome ingredients and the pride they have in all of their products.

“Built on the belief that truly satisfying food is the product of passion—for the ingredients, for how it’s made, and for those with whom you share it—Progresso has held a place in American hearts and kitchens for over a century. Launching this soup season, Progresso teamed up with Hornall Anderson to redesign their brand and remind fans and to-be fans alike that there’s no substitute for real, quality ingredients and rich, full flavors.”

Editorial photograph

“As shoppers become increasingly health-conscious, the new stripped-back design proudly displays both the Progresso name and what’s inside the package, inviting consumers to enjoy soul-satisfying soup recipes with full confidence. A new wordmark embraces Progresso’s heritage, while modernizing its look and feel for greater impact. To increase shopability, excess detail is replaced with clearly legible sub-lines and unique vessels, ensuring shoppers can easily find their favorites and discover new choices. The vibrant, iconic photography set against a clean, bright label highlights the care and attention to detail that goes into each recipe. After all, there’s nothing more delightful than enjoying a hearty meal, honestly and beautifully prepared.”

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While they are a well-known name when it comes to soup, the rebrand certainly revitalizes Progresso and their focus on simple goodness delivered right to the kitchen table. A crisp blue acts as the perfect background to highlight images of the prepared foods, instantly inspiring consumers to dream up a perfect meal. The Progresso name rests proudly at the top, reminding us of the brand history. A sans serif font and drop shadow express their approach to modern cuisine—traditional recipes, no artificial ingredients, and pure, delicious ingredients.

“In addition to soups, the rebrand includes the full line of Progresso foods, stocks, broths and condiments. The entire product portfolio pays homage to the brand’s continued ability to lead the industry through challenging convention and eye-catching design that shows the world what it’s made of.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Hornall Anderson

Country: United States

City: Seattle

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