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Thatchers Orchard Cut Apple Gin

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/10/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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This week marks a unique and very special development at Thatchers Cider. Alongside their range of Somerset ciders, Thatchers’ love of apples has led them to craft their very first Gin. Designed by CookChick, crystal clear gin is packaged in glass bottles and wrapped in a beautiful sliver of wood. Screen printed simply with the name and ingredients, the label is unlike traditional designs–not only with its substrate but its unusual shape.   

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"We felt this unique spirit deserved a unique approach tostory telling. The solution was found at the source of everything Thatchers do - their stunning Somerset Orchards. Thatchers 'Orchard Cut' Apple Gin is effectively a cut of this Orchard. Using an innovative approach made of real wood, the label appears as a cut from the front but then fully wraps the bottle in 3-D. The first batch of the limited edition Apple Gin, distilled with Katy apples, are individually numbered", say Director Lee Cook. 

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Designed by CookChick

Country: England