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Stumbras Vodka 110 Unique Labels

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/16/2016 | 2 Minute Read

One vodka, one hundred and ten different ways. LIBRE designed the labels for this limited edition spirit that celebrates 110 years in business for Stumbras distillery and the love of finely made vodka.

Editorial photograph

“Stumbras Vodka 110 was issued to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Stumbras distillery. Staying close to nature is so special about this anniversary Stumbras Vodka collection. This year Limited edition is noticeable for the design of its 110 unique labels featuring herbs from Lithuanian fields and meadows.”

Editorial photograph

Stumbras Vodka 110 has a crisp appearance, with an opaque white bottle that makes the black and red on the front pop. Images are impeccably drawn with immense detail, featuring delicate shading that emphasizes the care that Stumbras distillery takes when making their vodka. By varying the images, it also highlights the brand’s history and makes each bottle feel more special and unique.

“The packaging design has its distinctive modest Baltic style, the monochromatic label with minimal details of gold foil and red. The dark grey details are to provide a sun bleached effect. The label illustrations were created by using a special photography technique to capture the details of nature and the play of light and shadow.”

Editorial photograph

“The custom made white gloss finish of the bottle represents the purity and the soft taste of Stumbras Vodka. The white coloured packaging is done on purpose. In the traditional Lithuanian culture white has always been a very special colour used for special occasions and celebrations. Hence, the white bottle is resulting in greater shelf impact as well as standing out on the festive table.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: LIBRE

Project manager Donatas Kliunka

Head of creative: Darius Kisielius

Art director: Julius Gerdvila

Designers: Aliona Bobin, Simas Petrauskas

Photographer: Paulius Gasi?nasCountry: Lithuania

City: Vilnius

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