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Globbing Online Store

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/09/2016 | 5 Minute Read

The internet makes shopping as easy as ever, but it’s not without complications. Not everything you can find online is available all over the world, but luckily Globbing hopes to change that. Maeutica Branding Agency designed Globbing, making it a fun and accessible brand that makes shopping simple.

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“Globbing is a lifestyle liberator that makes all that the world has to offer easily available. It is a disruptively radical start-up in the area of shopping, based in US and operating in the US and European markets. Globbing, for the first time ever, makes shopping online at American or European stores a viable possibility for people based in countries where shopping and traditional shipping options are limited.”

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“It was a very challenging and exciting experience. Since Globbing is an international project with a unique profile and revolutionary impact on the market, it required involvement of various international experts at different stages. In cooperation with our colleagues from the US, Maeutica came up with a logotype supported by a corporate character: a giraffe, as a part of brand visual identity. The choice of this mascot illustrated the unlimited opportunities Globbing offers to its customers: the giraffe is an animal with a unique ability to reach out to anything he wants and make those things easily available for the shoppers. Apart from being a part of the visual identity, the giraffe also allowed a wide space for gamification and functional use on the website.”

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The Globbing giraffe is goofy and adorable, instantly winning a spot in the hearts of consumers. It also helps build a color palette for the brand—orange and a complementary green that stands out against a crisp, cheery white. The white background also keeps the look simple, which is key for online shopping that involves an array of products.

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Designed by: Maeutica Branding Agency

Client: Globbing

Art Direction: Anna Margaryan

Brand Identity/Mascot Design: Hovhannes Papoyan

Project Director: Marina Ghazaryan

Photography: Arnos Martirosyan

Country: Armenia