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Kangan ARora for REN Skincare Christmas Package

by Tiffanie Medina on 11/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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REN Skincare collaboration with London based contemporary designer Kangan Arora brings a playful approach with color and pattern to everyone's REN favorite little boxes of joy!

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Kangan Arora is a London-based multi-disciplinary design studio; Kangan's approach is typified by a celebratory use of color, pattern and abstraction, while rooted in an appreciation of contrasting cultures and a rich tradition of visual storytelling, informed by her Indian heritage.

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"We tried to create a really optimistic, a really sunny, happy product and we hope that ultimately, when the receiver opens it, there is a sense of being uplifted that puts a smile on their face." - Kangan Arora 

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The Packaged are produced using very little energy and in line with the requirements of the Environment Commission.

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"With the 2016 Christmas Boxes we hope to be putting back the joy in receiving the gift as much as giving the gift. We almost actively rejected the red gold and white that you would normally associate with Christmas. We have included some really lovely surprises for the receiver when they pull the little silk tag to open and reveal what they've received but also the little inspirational quotes which will hopefully make them smile. We hope that the receiver will keep the box as a little keepsake."

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Designed by Kangan Arora in Collaboration with REN Skincare 

Client: REN Skincare 

Country: UK