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Whistling Andy Craft Spirits

by Tiffanie Medina on 11/02/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Highline Design Company  , Montana worked with Whistling Andy to define their brand story, focusing on three core values; their grain to glass product, innovative approach and personal homage to family and community. 

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"Seeking greater distribution nationally and internationally, Whistling Andy needed product packaging that appealed to high-end consumers and differentiated itself from other bottles at the bar and liquor stores. "

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"With these core values in mind we set out crafting a hand-lettered logo with elegant lines and intricate details. It needed to be balanced and playful. Clean yet personal. 

Along with the main mark, we created a small icon of a man looking with a satisfied gait at the bottle he’s holding. This helped to tie their name (‘Whistling Andy’) to the brand. Furthermore we wrote the tagline “Meet The Perfect Spirit” for another playful homage to the man behind the name. 

After sourcing a bottle we designed a series of labels for the full line of Whistling Andy spirits. Label production details like foil stamps, embossing and die-cuts added to the feel of a luxury, well-crafted product. 

Since rebranding with Highline, Whistling Andy has seen sales spike, and distribution expand dramatically."

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We love how Highline created a brand with consistency across the board, yet, each bottle of Spirit can stand alone in its category with the beautifully designed typography, spectacular details in the embossing of the letters, logo mark, and icons. 

Designed by Highline Design Company

Client: Whistling Andy DillingCountry: United States Art Direction: George Giavasis Design: Elma Giavasis, Lauren Haase