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AYA Pure Cannabis Nectar

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/03/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Inspire, Awaken, Relax, and Slumber. These four different cannabis nectars will allow you to focus or unwind, depending on what you need. John McNeil Studio designed AYA, a high end cannabis option that is chemical and pesticide free.

“As the market for medical marijuana continues to grow and California prepares for the possible recreational legalization of marijuana this November, the Sonoma Cannabis Company—together with its marketing partner, John McNeil Studio—launched a premium cannabis product, AYA, positioned in the top tier of cannabis brands.”

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“With AYA, the Sonoma Cannabis Company is leading a new market category—premium vaporizer pens and cannabis nectar that is pesticide and chemical free, and responsibly extracted from Sonoma County farms using sustainable farming practices.”

Sonoma Cannabis Company President Sam Edwards said, “There’s a new and emerging market for cannabis, and an evolution of the medical cannabis consumer. Dispensaries such as Harvest in Northern California or Cannabal City Collective in Southern California are already catering to the demand of consumers who want a higher end product.”

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“The brand needed to address this market evolution for cannabis, while reflecting the company’s origins in Sonoma, the ‘Valley of the Moon.’ JMS gave the product line a simple name, ‘AYA,’ which has a variety of cross-cultural translations, from ‘beauty’ to ‘angel’ to ‘soul.’ The underlying message is: no matter who you are or where you come from, all are welcome here. The packaging itself features animals native to Northern California, rounding out the brand story and giving it a sense of place.”

AYA features lovely, dreamy packaging, with a galaxy of stars in the sky and a coordinating vibrant hue for each. An animal rests on the front, the characteristics of which can indicate the purpose of the cannabis. It also creates a sense of feeling more in touch with nature and the earth. A background pattern keeps things lively, and all of the illustrations are done with meticulous detail—indicating the high quality of AYA.

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John McNeil, founder of John McNeil Studio, a full-service advertising agency and production company based in Berkeley, California, added, “The product quality, combined with its unique packaging, make the brand stand out in an already-crowded marketplace. AYA currently offers four different cannabis nectars that evoke the benefits of the product: Inspire, Awaken, Relax and Slumber.”

“AYA products are now selling in 40 dispensaries throughout the state, and distribution continues to grow as the Sonoma Cannabis Company rolls out new products for the current medical retail marketplace.”

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Designed by: John McNeil Studio

Creative Director: Gerald Lewis

Designers: Jana Heyer, Kirill Mazin

Copy: Scott Leeper

PM/Account: Elisabeth Schwartz

Print Production: Bill Dougherty

Client: Sonoma Cannabis Company

Country: United States

City: Berkeley, CA