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Mortier Pilon

by Tiffanie Medina on 10/27/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Chez Valois, Montréal created a striking design for a new contemporary brand, Mortier Pilon whose goal was to bring the fun back into the D.I.Y process of preserving food at home in a modern way. The team was involved in all the steps of the brand creation, from product design, to the visual identity, packaging platform, design, photography & more. 

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“Mortier Pilon is a new contemporary brand that strive to bring the fun back to the D.I.Y. process of making Kombucha, kimchi, pickling, sauerkraut and canning at home. Mortier Pilon drew its inspiration from ancient fermentation traditions to create reinvented, well designed, crocks and jars for the modern home kitchen that will help enrich the daily diet bringing a wealth of health benefits. The vivid vintage color matches, the polka dot patterns, the graphic veggie patterns and bold Japanese inspired typogram, mixed with the slick, pure lines of the crocks and jars creates a fresh and fun visual identity platform, leaving the impression of being on a playground, setting the imagination free to create great homemade recipes.”

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As someone who grew up with a grand mother who prided herself with her preserved goods such as her homemade pickled ginger, Thai olives and mangos, this brand caught my attention in different ways. First of all, the brand concept itself is unique, to bring a more modern look and feel to a very much an old tradition amongst serval cultures. Then the used of fresh and bold graphics of vegetables (that are already colorful by nature), and simple line of the products themselves creates an eye-catching, fun and memorable design. 

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Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot

Art direction & design: Michel Valois

Pattern design: Michel Valois, Michael Ferrier

InfographyMichel Valois, Mariette Parod (Mmtum) 

Photography: Sylvie Racicot

Designed by Chez Valois

Client: Mortier Pilon

Country: Montréal / Canada