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The Underground Project Wines

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/25/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Do you know what’s in your wine? Hungerford Hill asked Co Partnership to develop an identity and packaging for their line of mysterious and delicious wines, The Underground Project. They wanted to create something that would appeal to a younger audience and have loads of personality.

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“Online wine sales continue to grow significantly, with different routes to market emerging and e-shopping responding to a younger consumer who is less tied to traditional wine aesthetic and more interested in seeing labels with personality.”

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“Hungerford Hill didn’t distribute wine via these channels, so they were missing an opportunity to capture this market. In response Co Partnership worked with Hungerford Hill to develop a new wine brand that could leverage off the Hungerford Hill brand equity and capture a younger audience.”

“The thinking was a response to The Underground Project—a name that captured the unlimited range of experimental wine styles created by the winemakers of Hungerford Hill.”

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“The design was inspired by redacted documents, leaked experiments and secrets from the winemakers bunker. The idea meant we could change out shape, bottle size and copywriting easily across wine varieties—all with their own ‘secret’ story—but still have them look part of a set. This visual style was also to our advantage for online sales, where it needed to distinguish itself within a crowded market, with our bold stripes standing out amongst the crowd.”

Giving each wine its own secret story makes it a fun experience to choose and drink the wine for you. The black and white labels with most of the text blacked out makes a statement while also making them clearly cohesive. White bottle caps screw off, making it easy to open and ideal for those who want something out of the ordinary and completely non-traditional.

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Designed by Co Partnership

Country: Australia

City: Sydney