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R?TA Chocolate Pizza

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/25/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Chocolate pizza is proof that dreams do come true. Gediminas Medžiaušis designed the handmade packaging for the chocolate pizza from R?TA, a Lithuania-based chocolate factory. The result is basically the sweetest pizza pie you’ll ever eat.

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“Thousands of years ago, the Mayans and the Aztecs would lace their chocolate drinks with pepper. Nowadays, chocolate spiced with extraordinary ingredients is very popular with gourmets in Europe, South America, and the Far East. The most peculiar combinations, six flavours of Chocolate Pizza, fresh from R?ta’s chocolate makers:

• white chocolate with lemon and green tea – a light taste of spring enveloped in the freshness of green tea and bits of lemon;

• white chocolate with strawberries and blueberries – the taste and fragrance of summer joined in harmony with white chocolate;

• bitter chocolate with paprika, olives, and spinach – a sweetly rich and vivid harmony of fruits of nature;

• bitter chocolate with rose pepper – a sweet bitterness of chocolate for the true gourmet;

• bitter chocolate with granulated strawberries and spinach – an inspiring blast of energy from nature;

• milk chocolate with rice crisps and wheat flakes – a crispy and surprising experience surrounded by delicate white chocolate.”

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R?TA comes in a paper box with gold foil and embossing. The appearance is classy and traditional, with detailed illustrations and gold foil that elevates the brand. A small cutout allows consumers to see inside, and it’s quite a treat to behold. Instead of a cheesey pizza or even regular milk or dark chocolate, R?TA consists of “slices” of gourmet, finely made chocolate with innovative ingredients. Images of the ingredients and the traditional font play on the vision we often have of regular pizza, but the fact that it’s made of chocolate makes it fun and unique.

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Designed by Gediminas Medžiaušis

Client: R?TA

Country: Lithuania

City: Vilnius