Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/14/2016 | 13 Minute Read

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Another week has flown by and it's time for some Concepts We Wish Were Real. Let us know your top pick in the comments down below. 

Helmet Hair


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Jump on your bike, put on your helmet and look like Justin Bieber while cruising for the sunset. This could become a reality, if Lego or Playmobil has the guts to take on the challenge of Simon Higby and Clara Prior-Knock. Two creatives from Scandinavia, whom have come up with the concept of the Helmet Hair. A project that has come a long way on sheer determination and creativity.  “44% of children surveyed don’t wear a helmet while riding a bike, they wanted to come up with a design that kids would want to wear without being forced, and this essence should shine through both product, design and packaging.” The prototype was made by Danish design company MOEF using 3D mapping and printing technologies. The project was used as case for Higby's master thesis as well as exam project for interns, but still only made it to the prototype phase. The concept of the packaging is that "life is supposed to be fun." Kids can both have fun and be safe at the same time. The conceptual packaging showcased here, was meant to be played with. When a kid receive his or hers Helmet Hair they take it out of the package and put it on. When their "new hairdo" is safely secured on their heads, they can flip the packaging box inside out, and it reveals something extra. Maybe it turns into a police siren for you to put on your bike and become an awesome playmobil cop. Maybe it becomes the head of a mighty steed to put on the front of your bike, or maybe something else entirely. The idea was to incorporate known elements from the Playmobil or Lego universes and give kids the ability to put it on their bikes, have fun while biking, living out their imagination and be safe while they do it. The unique thing with this packaging concept is that the contents and the concept are linked completely. Adults wants safety, kids wants to ride their bikes and have fun. What makes this project and packaging unique is that it both serves the adults purpose and the kids' purpose at the same time, without compromising either.

Designed by DDB Copenhagen

Lead Creative: Simon Higby

Lead Creative: Clara Prior-Knock

Design/Student: Simon Friis

Prototyping and 3D Printing: MOEF

Country: Denmark



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Natural, fresh fruit flavors and healing teas, combined into one delicious beverage. nine2five is a student project from Devon Flohrs, featuring a line of fruit infused teas to delight your senses and heal your body. It’s a naturally good-for-you drink, with a nourishing tea blend and healthy fruit ingredients.

“Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to worry about your health. We are constantly on the move, with no time to take a deep breath and focus on ourselves. That’s where nine2five comes in. A line of fruit infused teas created to boost the overall physical wellness of the busy working individual. Whatever your specific need nine2five has a tea for you, from morning to night. Tapping into the distinct natural remedies of both fruit and tea, with an added boost of vitamins and minerals, this tea blend will nourish your body and your taste buds.”

“Since this tea is so beneficial to one’s health, I approached the packaging in a very natural way; making the ingredients the focal point, while adding rich color, and a clean modern design. The plus symbol is repeated throughout, representing not only the mixture of fruit, but also the benefits you will gain I aimed towards making approachable brand messaging for the flavor combinations I have developed which can easily adapt to any future flavor development as well.”

The line of nine2five fruit infused teas focuses on the wholesome, simple goodness of the ingredients. Images of the fruits appear on the front of the label, and the plus sign indicates the combo that the beverage provides. The bottle is tall and confident with a silver metal cap, making it feel contemporary without too futuristic or as if it had been created in a lab. Instead, the light color palettes and even the hues of the tea itself feel relaxing and laid-back.

Designed by Devon Flohrs

Country: United States

Pinch of Soil


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Pinch of soil is a flower brand for seeds and bulbs, and aims to make gardening more playful. It targets people who are prone to light gardening. I have built a package for seeds, a single bulb, and four bulbs. The package is efficiently designed and multifunctional: The wooden part of the package becomes a spork, which can be used to dig and pour the grains. It then serves as the label for the flower planted in the pot. The package is thus transformed into a flower gardening tools. This will help create a more memorable and fun experience for the end user. 

The inspiration behind the packaging design is based on the flower’s organic feature. The package reminds us of a flower petal. The packages all have a "tail" which becomes the signature and recognition of Pinch of Soil. Regarding the illustrations, there are all based on the different shapes that the spork can have. Also, as the package grows, so does the illustration. The Risograph printing brings out the lively and happy colors of nature. The packages are designed in a way where they can be stacked together as they have complimentary shapes, making an efficient use of shelf space. 

Pinch of soil also takes into consideration beginners by making gardening less intimidating with its simple and eco-friendly package. The package is simply placed in the soil and will dissolve over time as it is made out of biodegradable material. Moreover, the main package for regular gardeners includes an eco-friendly wooden spork used as a gardening tool and label. Therefore, there is an after use of the package resulting in less waste. Furthermore, Pinch of Soil is green on various levels: Risograph printing, which is one of the most environment-friendly printing that reduces waste, energy, and requires eco-friendly soy ink is used as Pinch of Soil’s technique of printing. Pinch of Soil is all about nature!

Designed by Yara Marie Sayad

United States: United States



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Adorable food for your adorable baby! Juliette Kim developed the concept for Little YumYum to create a baby food brand that consumers could trust and turn to for organic options to give their little one.

“Little YumYum is an imaginary company that specializes in healthy, organic baby food. The brand believes that parents should choose what is best for their little ones, especially when it comes to their first food. This is a re-packaging project of Earth's Best baby food. The label is printed in soy ink on cotton paper to increase the tactile quality of the packaging.”

The smiley face cutouts on the label are endearing and sweet without distracting from the product itself. Little YumYum comes in a typical baby food jar, but the light color palette keeps the vibe of the brand calm and delicate. An illustration of the main ingredient appears on the label as well, and a simple sans serif font keeps the look sleek and clean to emphasize that it’s organic.

Designed by Juliette Kim

Country: United States

Ourbrand: Skincare — Brand concept


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A playful skincare line that is perfect for that eccentric friend of yours. Designed by Funky Business® Branding Agency, scrubs, creams. and peels are packaged in the colors of the rainbow speckled with dots and abstract shapes. "Why do we make purchases? If you pick up a rational response, it would sound like this: "Buying this thing, I will decide my problem." But do we always decide rationally? The project «Ourbrand» has been created by us to proveother side - buying decision we make under the influence of emotions.Working with packaging in the cosmetic industry is especially important to consideremotional background of the consumer. The reaction to the color and texture solutions by experienced women can be very different from the reaction of the young audience. Just focusing on the last, we made series of skin care products. The solution was the idea ofsynesthetic connection between man's feelings. Form, taste, color, aroma, all of these irritations can be combined into subconsciously understandable groups of special, distinctive range of emotions. In visual images, that we offer, geometry patterns are in common with the function of tube contents, and plastic of graphical elements captures the essence of its actions."

Designed by Funky Business® Branding Agency

Creative Director: Mikhail Ankudinov Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin Designer: Albina Khasanyanova 3D, retouch: Konstantin Simonov Project manager: Ira Safina

Country: Russia 



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Give everyone major beard envy. Axel Leclerc developed the concept for Barbey, a line of cosmetic products for men with outstanding taste. The products, including creams and traditional tools, makes shaving a luxurious experience rather than a burden.

“Barbey brand name is in reference to Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly, poet and french writer, representative of Dandyism in France. Creating a range of products and packaging as well as a communication on different support. Highlighting of the authenticity of the traditional shaving with the use of materials such as kraft and wood. Sensory highlighted on the packaging with two levels of texture, a top with a soft touch texture in reference has skin and a lower part with an embossing texture referring a man's beard. Products made of wood to support the concept.”

The natural wood accents against the cerulean blue is a striking look. Small details mimic the texture and appearance of hair and stubble, and the blue represents water used during the shaving process. A sans serif font gives the whole brand a modern feel, which is beautifully juxtaposed with the old-timey shaving tools. Images feature men with meticulously groomed facial hair, implying that Barbey is geared towards men who truly want to look their very best.

Designed by Axel Leclerc

Country: France

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