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La Sonrisa de Tares White Wine

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/18/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Take a closer look and you’ll see that the label for La Sonrisa de Tares gives you a glimpse of where the wine comes from. Neosbrand developed a lovely abstract label that gives consumers a taste of its unique taste and fragrant aromas.  La Sonrisa de Tares has an earthy color palette of browns, blues, and greens, reflecting the landscape where the grapes are grown. By keeping text minimal, it encourages the consumer to truly examine the label and make discoveries in the kaleidoscope of colors and designs.

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“The Dominio de Tares winery has a new white wine on the market, ‘La Sonrisa de Tares,’ a young wine made from the Godello variety of the Denomination of Origin Bierzo, which include the most characteristic aromas of the variety Godello with citrus, green apple and stone fruit aromas. We designed the packaging for this new wine that is aimed at a young audience. The label of ‘La Sonrisa de Tares’ is a kaleidoscope of vines, land and sky. All these elements portray the life of the wine and show the young and delightful character.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Art Director: Fidel Castro

Brand Planner: Javier Castro

Graphic Designer: Susana Castillo, Kimberly Kembie

Photography: Tania Castellanos

Designed by Neosbrand


Country: Spain