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Amato Coffee

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/18/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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This is possibly the most beautiful way to wake up and smell the coffee. Fabula Branding redesigned Amato Coffee, a brand of freshly roasted beans that are as fragrant as they are flavorful.

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“Fabula Branding was in charge of coffee packaging redesign for Avalontorg LLC, one of the largest importers of tea, coffee and groceries in Belarus. The company is a producer of coffee under the Amato brand. Fresh coffee beans are roasted and grinded individually for each order. The buyer gets pleasant scent, fresh roast and sorted crisp beans.”

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“Modern design in the European style is based on the author's illustration.The brand zone contains elegant logo and information about coffee grind size and degree of roast. The engraving element under the plate indicates the type of content—ground coffee or whole beans.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Amato Coffee features the same lovely illustrations with a different background image, keeping the look consistent while also making it easy to choose which one you want. The rich hues of the image on the front gives consumers a vision of the tropical locale where the beans are sourced. Amato Coffee’s brand name is written in a slick, bold script that is instantly likeable and gains the trust of the buyer.

Videographer: Denis Usenko

Designed by Fabula Branding

Country: Belarus

City: Minsk