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Regina Royale Jam

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Spruce up fruit and cheese platters or up your peanut butter and jelly game with Regina Royale Jam. These tasty homemade jams are made from fresh ingredients like apricots and cherries. Kat Gilbert developed an easy yet useful label for these jams which are made with care by her own mother.

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β€œFor her annual jam-making, my mother needed a quick and simple label that was printable on an old black-and-white ink jet printer. Made to match her modern-taste and preference to clean lines, the new labels are legible and clearly identifiable. They also make a nice gift for family and friends.”

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The labels feature a visual language that describes the ingredients, making it easy for the consumer to discern each jam from the next. By keeping the labels a simple black and white, it allows the vibrant hues of each product to stand out in the glass jar. The sans serif font gives Regina Royale jam a modern edge, and combined with the fact that it’s a lovingly handmade item, it will easily appeal to consumers of all ages.

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Designed by Kat Gilbert

Country: Austria

City: Vienna